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Player of the Week
Lightning - 26 pts

2017 Power Rankings


Even without its start RB Todd Gurley, Lightning put on a dominant performance to secure the 2017 Prestige Championship, easily defeating A II P 135-78. The win is the second Prestige Championship title for Lightning who last won in 2008. Wr Golden Tate scored 26 points and qb Philip Rivers added 58 points to lead the victory. Rb Dion Lewis scored over 20 pts for the second consecutive week to earn Postseason MVP honor. Lewis did not start all season but was used effectively and timely in the postseason by Lightning. For A II P its the third consecutive trip to the Finals with a lose and and sixth overall (they are 6-6 alltime in the Prestige Championship game). Lightning is the eighth team in league history to finish the regular season as the best team and also win the Prestige Championship in the same season.

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* Stefon Diggs (wr) and 2nd Rd Pick in 2018 of 69ers traded for 1st Rd Pick (#4) and 3rd Rd Pick in 2018 of A II P.

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2017 Player of the Year

2018 Draft Selection Order - 1st Rd

    1) O's
    2) 328's
    3) Tormenta

    4) 69ers (from AIIP via Tomcats)
    5) Lake Show
    6) H
    7) United
    8) 69ers
    9) H (from A II P)
    10) Tormenta (from Lightning)

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