Macungie O's
points per game
100+ games

The Owner of the First Half is probably the most difficult Midseason Award to decide. This year has possibly been the best the league has ever had in terms of overall ownership and you can probably make a strong case for all 10 owners. However, it's difficult to ignore success, and Brad has been the most successful. In fact, he has been downright dominate, particularly the past month, going 4-1 in October with an average of 121 points per game. Brad has been less active then usual in the league's extra activities (Forum; Money Players; Pick the Winners), but his focus and determination for winning seems as determined as ever. The Owner of the Year will most likely be decided in the second half, but the dominate of Brad O's team gives him the edge in the first half.

Ryan Aubertin (Tomcats); Marty Kepner (United); Josh Martin (69ers); Ryan Grosse (Tormenta); Jake Wallace (Lake Show).